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Hey guys, I have been on many different forums and web-sites and also have the Hayes instruction manual for the car, but would like more information about replacing a heater core in a 96 chevy corsica. If someone has pics of how to replace one, because hayes doesn't say much or show pics, please e-mail me. I really need help on this one.

P.S.-----I'm freezing right now!

posted by  amwatson1s

The reason the manual "doesn't say much or show pics" is because there isn't much to say and even less to show.

1. Disconnect the heater hoses from underneath the car. They're in the firewall above the steering rack.

2. Remove the trim panels under the dash and around the steering column.

3. Remove the outlet ducts and then the heater core cover. Don't forget the screw hidden on the front center portion. If the heater core has ever been replaced before, there's about a 90% chance that it was never reinstalled or the cover is cracked where it was broken off.

4. Release the core clamps. That's it. Assembly is reverse of removal. Make sure you have the pipes pointed the right direction (they move in the core).

Now for the magic questions. Are you sure you need a heater core and are you prepared to replace it again soon if you haven't addressed the most likely reason for them to go bad in your car? Good luck.

posted by  vwhobo

Yeah, because the coolant was leaking and I had to bypass the heater core.

posted by  amwatson1s

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