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Ok, here is what first happened. I was driving and stopped at a light to turn. I accelerated through the turn and then there was no power, I pushed the gas a little but nothing. All of a sudden it was like the car restarted and drove fine. I Parked in the parking lot and went inside and when I came back out It had trouble starting. Again, a couple days later it did the same thing. It was like it would start right up and then just die down immediately.

I was told it could be the main relay, so we checked it and it looked fine, and you can hear it click and initiate the fuel pump so we kind of ruled that out. Especially since we heard it even when it didnt start. Next we looked at the distributor. We were told that sometimes the Control Module can short out and cause problems. But we are getting power to the coil, just not the spark plugs. So, my rotor was a little messed up and I replaced that and the cap. SAME PROBLEM. I can't even get it to start now, it's gotten worse somehow. We are getting spark from the coil, just not past it. I know the wires can handle a voltage b/c we used them to test the coil.

What can the problem be? Would this occur if the coil was weak? My car wont even start now. Please help!

BTW, I believe Control Module=Igniter

posted by  Nickboxer7

Is there spark at the dizzy?

Engine troubles while turning could be fuel starvation.

posted by  Wally

Thanks man. I narrowed it down to either the Control Module or Coil.

It was doing some weird stuff so I just decided to get the coil and if it didnt work I would try hard to get them to take it back.

I put it on and it is working pretty well now, after I got all the excess fuel to burn. It was DEFINITELY not fuel starvation. I hope this works and it doesnt mess up any more.

posted by  Nickboxer7

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