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Hey i have a 86' Nissan 300zx coupe and that leaves me with a shit load of trunk space .... i was talking to a friend and he said i sould put in a custom box 2: 15's (or 12's) (facing the cab |toward the passanger and drivers seats| ), and a 10 (facing the hatch) is this a bad or a good idea on a system set up ( i know i need to get an amp, and if i do how powerfull of one should i get and will i need to upgrade anything else on my car, altenator , wiring, fuses ?????

LMAO i know very lil when it comes to a "System" so please be nice -_-' haha. thanks

P.s.- if any advice on upgrading , depend on what kind of speakers and CD reciver i have now here are the specks on that

Sony CDX-4580 (i need to double check that)
2x 6 1/2in. 200wt Xplod spearks in rear
2x 4 3/4in. 140wt '' '' '' doors
-No amp


posted by  garana blade

I dont know how much your friends knows about car stereos, but You dont need the pair of subs and then the 10's facing the hatch. just get a pair of subs in a custom built box (make sure it was built for those speakers that you are putting in the box). Unless you are planning on entering a SPL sound off, u dont need alot of speakers.Get what is in you current budget. I would get 2 12's in a custom box built for the car. This way you still have some trunk room and it still doesnt look cluttered and ugly back there. i hate when people get all this equipment and half of it doesnt do anything or isnt tuned correctly. Most Noobs in the stereo world think more is better and louder. truly a false statement

ANy other questions?

posted by  North East Customs

LMAO thanks for the reply , and yeah i do kinda think that the extra 10 would be over kill , and no my friend does not really know alot but he thinks he did LMAO. i think i will go with your advice , i have a friend that builds custom boxes and that said he can do it really cheap , but my other questiion is , should i get a Fiber glass box??? and what kind of amp (wattage) should i get?

posted by  garana blade

depends what speakers your getting and what else is going to be powered off that amp

posted by  North East Customs

hummm i think im going to power the 2x 6 1/2in. 200wt Xplod spearks in rear , and then the subs, that is all i guess . im not really sure what kind of subs yet. i just had a large chunk of my speaker money go toward buying new seats O_o -_-' , so im going to have to wait for a while -_-'

but still thanks alot for the help. if i can ever help u with anything give me a shout.

i.g.- Graphic design -_-' flyers , websites , etc

posted by  garana blade

hey i got 2 kicker L 7's there 12's and they sound amazing if u havent foufnd subs yet i reccomend them to you and for front speakers try polk audio i got 2 of those in my camaro and they sound fantastick. as far as ur amp goes with the subs and tha speakers try a 900-1000 watt amp to make sure u have enuff juice to run everything.also if u do go with a 900-1000watt amp u might wana get a capaciter youll want the capaciter for the amp so u dont drain ur battery. well i hope i helped out a bit. if u need any thing eles jost find my name and post

posted by  nauz13x

This thread is almost 2 years old and these people have been gone for about that long. :hi: You wasted your time typing that out. Just to let you know. :thumbs:

posted by  DodgeRida67

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