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I am trying to remove a seized engine in a 95 Chevy S10 blazer. The BIG problem I have is removal of the bolts between the flywheel and the torque converter. I cannot move the crank at all in either direction. I have gotten 2 of the bolts out that were accessible but there is another one that is near the top of the bell housing that I can't get to. To make matters worse the counter balance weight on the flywheel is right in the way!

First question, is there a specialty tool that will allow me to get at that bolt (perhaps something very thin with a curved handle to allow me to manipulate it in the tight space around the crank). Second, is there another method other then dropping the transfer case and transmission to seperate it from the engine. Getting the oil pan off seems like it isn't an option because of the transaxle thats in the way.


posted by  ChevyRules

just pull the motor with the torque convertor once you have it out pull the oil pan and remove all the main bearing caps & conecting rod bearing caps pull the crank out then you can get to your bolts :thumbs:

posted by  chevyluv

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