"96 Isuzu Hombre clutch stuck?

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I was driving yesterday and i was accelerating around a corner when right below me (sounded liek transfer case) this wierd buzzing thats slowed with rps started and i had to stop becasue it wouldnt go back into gear. Once i stopped i could shift to first and be on my way. I thought that the 4wd was tryign to engage or somthing becasue i'd shift into 4wd than back into 2 wd for the gears to engage again. Okay if was doig that on and off for about a mile the noise would start after i go about 45 then id have to stop and start up again i was on the second mile and all of the sudden it does that again i stop but i cant put it back into gear.

When i shift into gear i dont have to use the clutch while the engine is running, but the gears dont engage.

please help

posted by  cutshabs104

Does the clutch pedal move like it should? How does it feel?

posted by  PontiacFan27

yeah it works fine, actually i gota use the clutch when the engine is on or else it will grind, but it dosent move when i give it gas, i can feel the gears engaging. its wierd

posted by  cutshabs104

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