1995 Corvette 4l60E Rebuild Problem When Hot

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Just finished my own rebuild :thumbs:

2,800 stall protorque lockup converter, LT-1 383 w/ GM Hot Cam, Ported & Polished Heads, 850 RPM idle. Have an added tranny cooler + dual core alum radiator cooler

OK, so I finish my rebuild, put the tranny back in the car and everything works fine until I get into stop and go traffic and tranny gets to 206 F.

When stopped, give slight gas to move and it feels like it has slipped out of 1st gear (forward clutch), then with a little more throttle say 1,000 rpm it thunks back into gear. This only happens from a stop. :screwy:

This only happens when tranny is above 206F.

Idle line pressure is 80-85 psi. 1,500 rpm is 150 psi (Measured at 165 F).

13 vane pump that I rebuilt.

Transgo HD-2 shift kit. Raptor Torque Drive Input Drum and timken bearing reaction shaft carrier. Beast Shell. .030"Low Reverse piston hole drilled and reverse check ball removed from rear of case.

Any ideas what could be causing this? :ohcrap:

posted by  blkvet95

Gee, not one response, this sure isn't what I expected :sleep:

posted by  blkvet95

quit f*cking whining its been one day

posted by  99integra

first question why did you remove the reverse check ball, 206f sounds like shes running hot, cooler line plugged? or cooler in backwards, some coolers have a checkball make sure you have the cooler/lubrication circuit set up properly, sounds like a heat issue though

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

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