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I'm trying to disconnect the Car Alarm on my 1998 Lexus ES300. I can't figure out wher the fuse is. Can Anyone give me any suggestions on disconnecting the factory alarm?

posted by  roadrage45

If it were as simple as a fuse it would be a pretty useless car alarm :screwy:


posted by  DodgeRida67

I uderstand you, but the alarm still has to be fused. :doh: Have you looked in the owners manual for the fuse location? If not, that is the 1st place to look. If you have tried that to no avail, I would take the car to a dealer if it's causing you a real problem or buy a repair manual. I would buy the repair manual first :2cents:

posted by  lectroid

Hello, The alarm system on your Lexus is a very complex unit. There are a couple of fuses in the distribution box under the hood. The ECU-IG (10 amp)fuse is the circuit which handles the power door lock control system tied into the alarm. There is a fuse labeled DOME (15 amp) which works in conjunction with the theft deterent system and the wireless remote control system. There is a ECU-B fuse (7.5 amp) which handles locking the car with the wireless remote control system. There is an AM2 fuse (15 amp) which disables the multiport fuel injection system, ignition system gauges and meters if theft is detected. And it goes on and on. The theft control module is very complex in your car and is a nightmre to disable and disarm unless you are equipped with a wiring diagram. While I understand your need to do away with it, the factory has virtually made that impossible because it is tied into so many facets of the car. Signals recieved by the body control module relay information through databus wires which send and recieve signals to determine if the appropriate conditions are met in order for the car to start and run. Each step has a play. If it were aftermarket I could walk you through it, I remove/repair them, but the factory alarm system is very complex. Not trying to discourage you, just throwing some facts your way.

posted by  MsSnapon

I have a 1994 Geo Metro (yes a 3 cylinder, yes it can go fast-->90 where the speedometer tops out). Anyway, we bought it used and someone had installed an aftermarket alarm system. Normally this thing does nothing, didn't go off when the window was smashed and the radio stolen, etc. A few weeks ago the battery died (I left the lights on) and then the car would not even jump start. Not even after I bought a new battery. Tried pulling the main engine fuses in and out but the largest (60A) is stuck. Eventually, with one combination of removal and replacement, the alarm chirped once and the car started. There is significant corrosion around the battery, even the new battery after just a few weeks, so I suspect a leak to ground. Anyway, I would really like to get rid of this alarm starting problem. How hard is it to just remove the alarm? If it's really complicated to walk me through, who could I take it to? Any help would be great!

One other thing--- there is a small blinking LED buttom on the dash. It used to be that you could press it and nothing would happen, but now if you press it the alarm goes off.

posted by  geoprius

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