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Hi I was installing a new aiwa radio in my 84 Z-28 Camaro and the radio has a blue wire coming out the back that says antenna power but the antenna wire on my camaro is bigger and has a plug on the end that dosn't fit any where on the radio. Dose any one know how to hook up the antenna. the radio is an aiwa cdc-x217.

posted by  racer35

that wire is to supply power to the power antenna, if so equipped.
if you have a power antenna but the wire wont fit into the supplied connector on the radio just splice the wires solder them together then use heatshrink tube to cover the splice.
if you dont have a power antenna then just use some heatshrink tube to seal the connector from touching a ground then tape it up with the rest of the wiring harness

posted by  chevyluv

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