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hey, i've been working on this old toyota, and ive gotten replaced the starter, and worked on the intake manifold. the next step is to replace the clutch. i have no idea what the heck im doin. ive never messed with a clutch before. all i've done so far is gotten a couple of things out of the way, so i can at least see the transmition and when i know what to do its ready for the clutch to be taken out. any help would be much appreciated. thanks.

- tom

posted by  crazytrickmonke

Tom, all joking a side. If anyone needs a Haynes manual, you do. Taking shots in the dark is not a good idea.

posted by  lectroid

I'm in agreement with that...I could explain what you need to do as I've done a couple before, however, it would be far too complex for me to write everything out here...there's so much you could do wrong. I suggest you buy a manual..or atleast look at one, if you must do it yourself! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

actually, i do have a haynes guide, but its not being a whole lot of help. i know most of what i have to do. i got alot of the stuff out of the way so i can see everything i need to work on. im just not sure what part of the transmition casing i need to take off in order to get to the clutch. im not a very experienced mechanic if you havnt noticed that much already. the "stabs in the dark" thing worked for the starter and intake. but those definitely are no where near as complex as a clutch. all i really need to know at this point, is where to start. then i can probably figure it out from there with the help of my manual. thanks for the help guys.

posted by  crazytrickmonke

Ok....now obviously your main objective is to remove the gearbox to gain access to the clutch, Corolla's aint the easiest of cars to work on so you'll have to bear with me on this..I'm assuming you have the right tools for the job?..note: you'll also need a clutch alignment tool to align the clutch when in place...I need you to post exactly what you've taken off so as to prevent any back tracking :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

well, as of right now, the only things that are out is the battery(its dead) the air filter from when i was doing the starter.. umm.. the bottom body covor... like the plastic thing-e (real technical terms eh?) and im about to detatch the center mounts from the crossmember. i havn't bought the new clutch yet, im doing that tommorrow i think. and while im at it ill have to get a clutch alignment tool. and maybe even a transmition jack, because i think ill have to take out the whole thing... and its heavy so ill need that jack to lower it out of the car. but if i detatch the center mount from the crossmember wont the engine come out as well? so as of now, all i know to do get the center mount out of there. whats next?

posted by  crazytrickmonke

I guess by you saying clutch, you mean all of it. Throw out bearing, pressure plate, disc. I'm assuming you've never done this before, so I'll let you in on something. Instead of buying these clutch parts seperately, for most cars you can buy a clutch kit. This kit includes everything you'll need, including the alignment tool which is no more than an immatation drivespline.

posted by  DodgeRida67

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