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Can anyone tell me how much HP a front wheel drive Stealth (base model) can handle before chasis mods are neccesary? I was told by a mechanic that anything over 200HP would put too much stress on tha chasis and lead to problems. I have a hard time beleiving this, The R/T models (which have the same frame and chasis ect.) can safely have 315+ HP without so much as a srtut. Can anyone give me a ruff idea how a front drive-train can reduce the stability of the car?? I'm also having a hard time beleiving that I will have traction problems, I've ripped out of stop lights with an Eclips GSX- without any problems, that had much more HP and is FWD....(I think the FWD makes sense, it's where all the wieght of the engine is) Have found an aftermarket turbo application for an N/A stealth/Mitsubishi 3000GT, with very mild boost (about 7-8PSI) not sure exactly how much HP gains I would gain, and the company selling the kit can't say unless they have the car and dyno test it I guess?? Existing mods include: venom 400 chip, double K/N short ram intake, removed resonator (the restrictive part of stock exhaust), and 17in rims (as opposed the the 15in it came stock with) and soon to be installed: a carbon fiber virbration reducing drive shaft, and unorthidox lightened underdrive pully.?? any suggesions would help, thanks...

posted by  RushHour0to60

try and find a dynotuning place, or you could even buy a dyno unit that you just plug into a car... i dont know how much either of those would cost or where one would be

posted by  mazda6man

then, you could go to some car expert and they might be able to tell you if its fine

posted by  mazda6man

well the base stealth can have i believe 175 or 180hp....

posted by  cavkid17

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