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Hi I have a 96 Accord LX Its automatic right now.Later on Im planning on doing a engine swap to it with a H22a engine.The thing that I wanna know is how can I check if im gonna have to do adjustment like drilling holes to change the transmission to manual or If I even gotta do all that.If its gonna be a hassle I would like to know before I get myself into it.So what do u fellas think?

posted by  Wzs99

I'd recomend clicking Here ( first as you're more likely to get help that way...and after you've done that, I'll tell you that it's both complicated and costly :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Not only are you looking @ the tranny work but you may need to do some Engine Management System work too. A different ECM or ECM calibration is likely to be required for a manual than an automatic due to the automatic tranny diagnostic functions provided by OBD2 systems - make sure all of this is covered before you start swapping - In some states and communities, an engine/tranny/ecm mismatch could cause the car to fail emmissions inspection by throwing trouble codes and setting the check engine light.

posted by  tbaxleyjr

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