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I have a 2000 Honda Ody with 90,000 miles on it. I have kept up the regular maint. I live in the North East.

Do/should I need to get my timing belt replaced? Is it recommended? I remember when I bought it, the dealer said I wouldn't need to since the newer models(2000+) have belts that last longer.


posted by  JaneDoe

This is quoted directly from Honda's technical information site;

"Normal replacement interval is at 105,000 miles or 84 months. Replace at 60,000 miles if car is regularly driven in extreme temperatures (over 110°F, or under -20°F)."

So what does that mean? It means that timing belts are made using essentially the same process and materials as they have been for many years, and all during that time manufacturers generally recommended 60k mile maintenance replacements. However, your wonderfully intrusive federal government has deemed timing belts to be emission control items so they have to be warranted for 100k miles, with some allowable exceptions. That is the only reason that timing belts now usually have 100k or 105k replacement intervals.

That being said, your Odyessy is seven years old which sounds a lot like 84 months, so it's due anyway. Trying to go extended intervals between timing belt replacements is risky business. A broken t-belt turns a simple few hundred dollar job into a potentially several thousand dollar learning experience. Change the belt.

posted by  vwhobo

I just called my dealership and they want $950 to replace timing belt and water pump and seals.

If it cost that much, I just wait for my engine to fall out and pay $2000.

Any recommendations for places to get timing belt replaced?

posted by  JaneDoe

I would imagine that most garages would replace the belt for you. I'm not sure how the prices would differ these days, but I guess it'll be quite a bit cheaper than a main dealer! Don't wait for it to snap as this is going to spell extra cost, inconvenience, and doesn't look good when you want to sell the car! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

As an automotive service professional, I would never EVER give a quote online. There are simply too many variables that are out of my control. That being said, getting a job done at a dealer means you'll pay dealer prices. I think you'll find that a quality independent service provider can do the job just as well and just as fast (usually better and faster) as a dealer for about 75% of the cost. And if you think that by letting the timing belt break you'll get off for only $2k, you're kidding yourself. Trust me, I see people on regular basis who think they can save money by not having recommended services performed.

You best be when it comes to finding a shop is to look for the ASE Blue Seal Certified shop, or at least a shop that employs ASE certified technicians. Check out the links.

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posted by  vwhobo

My trucks timing belt was around 300 and thats with labor at Corey's Ohio Auto (you know where that is hobo)

posted by  99integra

Steven, I know you mean well, but that's the kind of information that only muddles the issue... Comparing apples to oranges.

Her engine is transverse, yours is longitudinal, so access is better. She has a V6, you have an L4, so you have less things to line up. Doing her t-belt includes replacing the water pump, yours doesn't. She has a hydraulic tensioner to deal with, you have a spring. Most places wouldn't be able to sell her the parts for much less than $300 much less do the entire job for that price. T-belt replacement on her vehicle is simply more difficult, more time consuming and takes a higher level of skill. That's why it will ALWAYS cost substantially more.

Now, why didn't you replace your own timing belt? Think of all the money you would have saved and all the valuable experience you would have gained.

posted by  vwhobo

Ok. Thanks for the replies.

My local CJ Tire and Automotive, who I've dealt with for years, can do it for under $400. Should I have them change the water pump too?

I will have it done in the next 45 days - before I plan to go on a 1200 mile trip.

I want this van to last 200,000+ miles.

posted by  JaneDoe

Now you've gone too far the other way. Nobody in the USA will do that job correctly for under $400. The lowest bidder seldom gives you the best value for your money. I bet by the time you get it out the door it's more like $6-700.

posted by  vwhobo

Bah I know I just wanted to throw it in there before I went to work. But the reason I didn't do it is because my dad wanted to "get it done right without having f*cked up something without a warrenty". I would have loved to been able to do it but I couldn't win the argument. :ohcrap: And yes I forgot about the whole transverse, longitudinal engine part.

posted by  99integra


Didn't get my belt changed as of yet, however, I'm ready for my 100k mile service. The timing belt is a min 6 hours of labor on a 2000 Honda Ody.

I've been quoted around $1100 by an ASE Cert shop for

* Replace Transmission Fluid
* Inspect Hoses & Top Up All Fluid Levels
* Inspect Tire Pressures, Lights, Horn, Wipers
* Inspect Charging System and Belts
* Inspect Drive Shaft Boots
* Inspect Exhaust System
* Replace Brake Fluid
* Replace Fuel Filter
* Engine Tune Up **
* Clean Engine
* Rotate & Balance Tires
* Replace Air Filter
* Replace Timing Belt and Water Pump

** ENGINE TUNE UP INCLUDES: Adjust valves - Replace valve cover gasket - Replace spark plugs - Replace ignition rotor - Replace air filter - Check timing

posted by  JaneDoe

Broght today my 2002 Honda Ody to dilership for 90K check up. They queted me $1900 :(

Nushka   18 Apr 2012 21:30

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