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I have this Honda accord i bought from the streets its run cool and all.The problem I have with it is the alarm.How can I disable it?I have the controller but it doesnt even work and I dont know how to replace it or fix it.I cant start the car cause every time th battery is plugged in the alarm will arm itsself.How can I disable it until i can find a way to fix it?any ideas would help thanks!

posted by  Wzs99

The easiest thing to do is to find the disabling switch for the alarm. If the alarm is an add on there is usually a switch on the module the turns the alarm off.

What kind of alarm system is it?

I will say from experience that installers usually locate the module underneath the dash near the driver for ease of installation, but i have also seen them under the seat as well.

If you look at the controller remote you have and get the name you may be able to go on-line and bring up some spec's there as well.

posted by  hitchhiker

Hello, I remove/repair aftermarket alarm systems all the time at work, most become faulty for one reason or another. But, regardless of the type of aftermarket alarm you have, and the type of problem you are having if you want to disable it and/or remove it, you need to drop the knee bolster to expose the ignition wires coming down the column. Look at the group of 6/7 large wires, there will be a wire from the alarm system tied into the ignition wire. Many times this is either attached with butt connectors (because they cut it) or with a splice connector or 3M connector. In either case, you need to cut the alarm wire that is tied in and reconnect the iginition wire if it was cut in half.( Often the original car iginition wire is either a plain red; black w/ a white tracer; yellow; or black. ) While this alone usually starts the car and disables the entire system, it is best to just take it all out. Follow each of the alarm wires from the power box to their respective locations and remove them. There may be a shcok sendor and/or a relay tied in also. This makes a complete alarm system and each of the wires coming from it are tied into a wire in the system. IF any of the original car wires appear to be cut, look past the junction and find the other end of the wire that matches it in color. This prevents you trying to figure out what wire does what and helps you to rejoin the correct wires together. Just remove each of the alarm wires one at a time until you have the system in your hand. Most systems are held in place with black zip ties and you can cut those with side cutters to free them. There will be 2 wires for the horn under the hood, 2 wires for the alarm light, 2 wires for the toggle on/off, if equipped. It is not a hard task to take the alarm out, you dont need a diagram to remove it, just one to install it. I hope this helps.

posted by  MsSnapon

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