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Hey guys,

wonder if you can help.... I'm not too clued up when it comes to wheels, and basically, I want to change them. My current wheels are from a 1984 Lancia Beta Coupé 2000ie. SO thats 14"diameter, 5.5" width. with a 4x98 bolt pattern. Put simply the wheels I want to get are 5 stud patterned. Can anyone please point me in the direction of information, or maybe give it to me themselves, regarding what I have to do to fit 5 stud wheels to my car. How much needs chaning. I.e., brake discs, etc etc.

Thanks for your time and help in advance guys (and gals!)


posted by  psycho_beta

Hey Neil--you will get a better response if you go introduce yourself first. People like it here if you try to be an active part of the forums--not just someone who pops his head in once for advice. :doh:

On the subject though, I have never had to deal with that before and am coming up blank on any advice whatsoever...obviously you'll have to get new rotors and such... :screwy:

But seriously--intoduce yourself and say hi to everyone! :2cents:

posted by  jmyers0341

Hi again :-) sowwy, didn't know about the intro bit!

But have done that now :-) so good to meet ya'll!

posted by  psycho_beta

No probs mate...ok, is it absollutely vital that you have these five stud wheels? It would be alot easier to replace them with wheels that have four studs, If you must have those wheels, you're going to have to replace the hub assembly on all four wheels..I'm not too familliar with that car, does it have disc braks all round? or does it have drums at the back?...anyway, I'm not sure if you would have to replace the discs/dums in accordance, but you will need to fit new hubs all round..(the hub is the part that slips onto the drive shafts and includes the wheel bearings btw)..that's all I can really say, I hope it helps!

posted by  Cliffy

A Lancia would have to run me over before I could even give a decription of one to the cops. I don't have a clue,,,, I'll bet these guys do :oops:

posted by  lectroid

i changed the stud pattern on a sidecar wheel once..from Watsonian's own idea to Mini wheel and cheeper tyre.... i cant say recomand it really...doing one was a nightmare of centering and spaceing and getting hi-ten bolts..the chances of doing five (with apare) i would think are negligable without a big lath and a divideing head... which maybe very expensive.... maybe someone makes a converting plate that bolts on, but then the wheels are further out... seems a lot of work.

posted by  sidecar_jon

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