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This is my first post and would like to intro myself as very much a rookie do-it-yourself mechanic. My name is Peter and I live in Vancouver, Canada. Hopefully that suffices for an intro. If not let me know what else I should reveal :).

My question to those much more knowledgeable than me (not very difficult) is: I had the timing belt on my Civic snap. I had it replaced and now the repair shop I took it to claims that 2 of the cylinders are not getting compression and the car is not running. The reason I was given for this is that the valves were bent while the engine was out of timing (i.e. the timing belt was snapped but the bottom end of the engine was still running). Apparently, I was told that the clearance of the valves to the top of the cylinder head is not sufficient if the timing is off. According to the repair shop, if this happens, the cylinder head can then hit the vales and bend them, thus causing a lack of compression in the cylinder.

My question to the forum is quite simple ... am I being bullsh*ted?

Thanks in advance for any help insight that can be offered.


posted by  pelpiane

Yes, that can happen. Not sure about that particular engine though.

posted by  DodgeRida67

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