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I have a 99' Cougar had the tranny rebiult about a year ago. Now I have a P1744 error code which means that the torque converter clutch is stuck in the off position. Anybody have a remedy?

posted by  wliton9705

Well.... No. P1744 never has and probably never will "mean that the torque converter clutch is stuck in the off position". There simply is no such DTC. The first step in successful diagnostics is working with all the facts which you obviously choose not to do. Because of that, we don't have all of the pertinent information required to make an EWAG and we get to waste a post just getting you pointed in the right direction.

1. Are there any other DTC's stored or pending in the PCM? My guess is that someone, maybe you, is reading codes and then clearing the KAM so even if there was we wouldn't know what they are and therefore don't have the full story. Without at least one completed drive cycle for both the engine and transmission and all the codes (if there are any others, and experience tells me there will be) available, plus a proper KOEO and KOER self-diagnostic, we can't intelligently go further.

2. The actual verbiage for DTC P1744 is "TCC/Excessive Slip Detected". Notice it says nothing about "the torque converter clutch is stuck in the off position". At least I can't find it. Nowhere.

3. So what's the remedy? Well, the easiest one for everyone involved would be for you to drop your car off with a qualified tech and allow them to complete the diagnostic, isolate the malfunction and repair as required. Alternately you could purchase yourself a repair manual for your car, a scan tool, a 104 pin breakout box and a good DVOM, learn how to use them competently and follow the Ford CD4E diagnostic chart ā€œCā€. Or you could just throw parts at it until you accidentally fix the problem. The choice is yours.

Have a nice day.

posted by  vwhobo

I hope you had some luck dealing with your p1744 code. I have it too but I guess I'll go elswhere for help since the only response you got was from that VDHOMO .

posted by  readjnx

So in other words, you'd rather go though life ignorant and uninformed rather that using facts in your diagnostic approach. You should be very proud of yourself... I know I am.

P.S. You must think you're very original and intelligent calling me names in your first post. You're not. Unfortunately it's been done plenty of times in the past. The name CarExpert comes quickly to mind. You e-tards are all the same.

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Attention moderators! I'm being harrassed. Look what I just found in my inbox.

Oh my.

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With all the posts he's made, and his valued contribution, I really don't see how we could possibly ban him! :laughing:.....That or a ban would be near impossible due to our Supermods being AWOL......:laughing:

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Stop it, you're making sense! That'll never work here.

And uh, who are you addressing? The person I originally answered and the person who called me a name aren't the same. That is unless you did an IP check.

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