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Yesterday, I took my car into my mechanic to get my AC recharged. He did it, but he said he overfilled it on the first attempt. It got to the point where the AC compressor was kicking on and off. He then let out a lot of air until freon started coming out. The ending pressure was 40 psi.

I just want to know whether or not that might have damaged my system at all, like bursted the lines or caused any leaks from overfilling? The AC blows cold now, a day later, and I haven't noticed anything weird happening.

It is on my 94 Geo Prizm that uses R134 freon, so to my understanding there should have been a pressure cut-off switch to prevent overfilling. Any insight would be helpful!

posted by  thisisbrianly

if it was still over you would be blowing a hose and let me tell you it's like a cannon going off. as long as it's cold air coming out don't think it's over full now...but good luck anyway..


posted by  scrapper

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