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Hey People!!

Maybe you, VWHobo, can help ?

This Wednesday (two days from now) I am getting my 351CJ rebuilt.

I went to many shops in town, and the one I've chosen was very professional, clean, and knew what they're talking about. Except one gripe:

I am confused as my shop suggests getting a 750cfm carb for the cam and manifold combo I am using. I will be changing to 3.55 gears soon, and my wheels are 15" with a 255/60 tire. IMHO I think 750 is too huge!! But my cam is huge and I have the exhaust to run such a high cam (true dual 2.5" w/H pipe)

Here is the specs of my cam... As you can see, its a dual grind camshaft by the different lift specs.

RPM Range: 2000-6000
Advertised Intake: 275
Advertised Exhaust: 285
@ .050" Intake: 219
@ .050" Exhaust: 232
Valve Lift Intake: .515
Valve Lift Exhaust: .541
* works with mild converter

My manifold specs:

My carb shop wants me to get:
750cfm 4bbl Edelbrock Performer
square flange, electric choke

1) Would I have to change my torque converter to a stall of 2000rpm?
2) Is 750cfm too big?
3) Will the combos listed above work?
4) How much gross hp can I expect?

Thanks in advance people!!!!


posted by  72Torino


posted by  72Torino

Testy,Testy.Remember,there are few folks left that know what an OHV Ford is :cussing: Let alone setup on an performance overhaul.

First off,a 351C 4V is not big on torque,and you are adding a pretty big cam.Think loose convertor,possibly in the 3000 RPM range.Thats alot of cam for a land yacht.Expect the need for a vacuum can if stoping is high in your list.

351C's are known as a decent revver,so a 750 sounds close.I might try something a little bigger.

Power?Tuned right,expect 375-400 ponies.

posted by  TurtlePimp

Noone will want to help you after that attitude.

posted by  DodgeRida67

I would be glad to help - unfortunately, I am not familiar enough with the 351-Cleveland or Modified Cleveland to give any suggestions or much advice.

posted by  tbaxleyjr

Turtlepimp thanks for the info. :mrgreen:

TBaxleyjr thanks anyways :smoke:

DodgeRida67 that was an extreme waste of a post.

posted by  72Torino

How did your rebuild turn out? I am thinking of using the same cam on my 251C-4V (10.6:1) with an Offenhauser Intake (5964: Intake Manifold, 360 Degree, Split Single Plane, Square Bore, 351C 4V) and a 750 cfm Holley carb. Was the cam too big? What did you end up with and how does it perform?

posted by  69Stang

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