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hi fellas, my mate has a pug 306 on an s reg and he's havin botha with the electric windows, at first it was the driver side, then eventually the passenger side went aswell, at the time, the car was still under warranty. When he took it back to the dealership, they told him that "This specific part was not covered as it was too expensive". They told him it was a controller box or switch behind the dash which was causing the problem. However, the time has passed and his warranty is now out of date. I was wondering if anyone here knows of this problem, as i've been givin the mission to sort it :banghead:. Does this controller exist? or could it be the motors? or simply a relay? any advice would be massively important, thanks in advance.


posted by  chubzuki

Controller box? To expensive to be covered by warrenty? Sounds like it was lunch time for them.. :ohcrap:

posted by  DodgeRida67

Hi there, it's the controller box I had the same problem. The price are different but such a box coast aprox. 700-800$. At my car it costed 800$.

posted by  tdallas

It should be covered by the warenty, but anyway, best place to start is with a haynes manual. have a look at the wireing diagram for the 306, you should be able to then trace the fuses and relays etc. Work from there.could be something as simple as corroded conections.

posted by  cinqyg

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