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i have a problem with my audi a4 1.8t 20v. The oil light came on and i have water in the bores of the engine i have taken the head off and it could be either head gasket, bottom end or the head is cracked if i am gettin water into the bores. But i think i may be getting water into my oil too as the oil level indicator is showing an extremely high level which could be a reason for the oil light and it just shows oil on the dip stick due to oil floating on water. What could it be???

posted by  andrzej

Sounds like cracked head, or head gasket. Possibly cracked block but extremely doubt it is because this does not happen often. How many miles does your car have on it? Your going to need to have the head tanked and inspected for cracks, if it has enough miles on it (say 120,000) I'd go ahead and have the head rebuilt.

posted by  DodgeRida67

Hello, just a suggestion to you. It has been to my experience that IF you do find it is not a cracked block and it is head or head gasket only, and you do a head job on your Audi car, be sure to consider replacing the timing chain tensioner in the rear of the head as it has a plastic component which I have now seen break on two Audi 1.8's. (Being interference you know the outcome there). Why in the world they used a plastic piece on a timing chain tensioner is beyond me, but it may prove to be a good idea since you are already in there. ALSO, you will need to get the 'special' tool to remove the head bolts. There are two possible head bolt sizes and are the same head bolts used on VW's. The factory can not tell you which head bolts were used on your model so they may say that you need to get both of them, or borrow them if you can. While they also may tell you that they do not sell them in their parts department you can order them from the same aftermarket company which sells them to the VW and Audi dealership techs, just ask for the contact. They designed it so tightly that you will need the special torx socket. Regards.

posted by  MsSnapon

Thanks....it has 90000 miles on it i have taken the head off and i am having a compress test and i should know later on this week on the results. Inspected the gasket and it does indeed look in need of replacing.

posted by  andrzej

yeah thanks...the new head bolts are what is known as ribe bolts..and it is extremely difficult to find the attachment to put them in...took the chain off last night...not sure whether it was plastic it looked metal but i will have another look....usually get my parts from german and sweedish!!!!

posted by  andrzej

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