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hello, i have a 95 Saturn SL1 and when i go to put it in drive from park
there are most times it just does'nt want to go to drive. i make sure
i have the brake depressed and the button on the shift lever is almost
impossible to push in. also the shifting when it does run is very very
erratic and pronounced. any ideas about these 2 problems? thanks !

posted by  mikeintn

Sounds as though you need the linkage adjusted.

posted by  lectroid

Hi I had the same problem and for 2 years I never put my car in park. I found out when someone stole it that it is the ignition somehow they are linked together. When they stole it they broke the igntion so that it had the part where you put the key in and turn it on was hanging down and the part on the column you had to put the key in and turn it to the on positon so you could get it out of park,and so the steering wheel wouldn't lock. Once the ignition was apart from it you shift it in and out easily just like it used to be.
I hope this helped.

posted by  curtiscc1

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