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ok, My daytona has the 3.0L V6 and almost 150,000 miles. she has just now started to act up (besides fun little quirks) sometimes it wont shift (it an auto) and when that happnes if i put it into nutral turn off the car (as im just coasting) and turn it back on again, it will work fine for a while (from about 1/2-2 days on average) So im thinking it might not be the transmission. I checked the fluid, if got the right amount, but isnt the red it should be, i was talking to a mechanic and he said that with that many miles changing the fluid my do more harm than good, that doesnt sound right to me, but i could be wrong. so should i get the fluid changed? is there an additive out there that will help? Im not going to put even a rebuilt transmission into her. any advice?

posted by  travismm

I say have it flushed, new fluid and filter.

As for an additive I've heard good things about Lucas products.

posted by  DodgeRida67

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