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I have a chevy cavalier 2000, and a few months ago the horn stopped working. I got this car very cheap and the guy wasn't sure about the previous owner so there's not much for me to go on as for its history.

Ever since I bought it the airbag light has been on, and thi was about a year and a half ago. Just a few months ago the horn stopped working. The alarm also doesn't work, which I am assuming was the horn, too. About a month and a half ago it finally beeped once after i locked my car via the clicker, which is what it should do, but it hasn't since. How can I fix this, is it anything I can do myself? I do not know much about cars at all but I am interested in learning so please try to be as specific as possible.

posted by  indigogirls

Look in you owners manual and find out where the fuse is located, then check it. if you don't know how im sure one of your friends does.

posted by  jamfam

In your request for people on this forum to be specific, we would need you to do the same thing before we are able/interested in assisting. What is a Cavalier 2000, I am unaware of such a model. Would this be a year 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier instead? If so, what engine and transmission options do you have? We need people to be in the habbit of providing ALL details of an issue before they can expect help. Hence, the correct terminology on a technical matter always helps to acsertain a technical answer.

Second of all, I am unaware that Chevrolet installed a factory alarm system on one of the lowest end models they make, a Cavalier. I could be wrong. Is this a factory alarm system or aftermarket installed by someone else? Maybe you got it cheap for a reason? I really have no idea what you are facing since I do not know what alarm is in the car or the way it is wired. I would advise you off the bat to check in your owners manual and see if there is ANY reference to ALARM in there or FUSES that report a connectino with an alarm system. If not, you're dealing with someone else's garbage that was probably hap-hazzardly installed by a fly by night individual. If there IS a ref. to an alarm, check all fuses to it as well as you need to check the HORN fuse and circuit. So, when you depress the steering wheel airbag module in the car, the horn will not work at all...ever? Give us more info. to help us help you! :thumbs:

This suggest you might have a deeper issue, or maybe not. I have no idea. Have you had the shop scan the air bag SRS system to see what the fault is? That is the first thing to do when you have an airbag light on. If that light is on, you could have a major issue with the SRS system in the car! Your airbags might not even work if there is a problem. You need to have that checked to determine what is wrong. I cannot, nor can anyone run a crystall ball and tell you, it will require someone with knowledge to scan and pull codes.

posted by  cmeseadoin

it's a broom, cme... like in harry potter... it's the model that superseded the nimbus 2000... duh!:screwy:

posted by  dodger65

Is THAT what it is!!?? :screwy: I have not read any Harry Potter books nor seen any movies, but I will trust you on that one! :thumbs:

posted by  cmeseadoin

I had the same problem with horn not working in my moms car . . it clicked when i hit the botton for the horn . . . i replaced the fuse and now it works . . . love them fuses! :)

posted by  Spartan3c79

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