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Greetings, first post here. I have a 2000 Grand Caravan. The driver side sliding door dosent seem to be sealing properly, you can hear alot of road noise (the door ajar light is not on though) The door even looks a little raised on the outside too, especially compared to the sliding door on the other side. Would this be seals? How would I attempt repairing this? ;) I have an extended warranty but Dodge told me it doesnt cover that. Thanks for any help!

posted by  h2opro

the only advice i can give u is , drive your van threw there building and demand that they fix it O_O , that always seems to get there attention

posted by  garana blade

I did think of trying that, but imprisonment at this time in my life would not be a wise decision, thanks though.

posted by  h2opro

I would give the door seals a good visual inspection if the door is rasied slightly most likely something is interfering with the sealing or the latching area on the door.also check out the tracks the door slids on any interfirance theyr could cause a problem. If all else fales i can't see dodge charging you top dollar to fix a sliding door. keep us posed on the situation....

posted by  99hatch

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