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I own a 1968 Camaro. The car had previously been sitting at a relative's house for about six years before I bought it, but it was in good enough condition to drive home. It is a 327, and has a Holley intake manifold, and a Holley Economaster model #7456 carburetor installed on it. It had problems at idle, and slow speeds because fuel kept leaking in small amounts from the venturis in the primary barrels. I recently bought a rebuilt identical carb off of e-bay, and installed it. When I first started it up it idled perfectly, and didn't even run rough when the choke was all the way in. When I took it for a test drive, and stopped to turn around, the engine cut out. When I tried to start it again it took a long time, and when I looked into the carb fuel was dripping in large amounts from the upper venturis in both the primary AND secondary barrels, and fuel actually started to puddle up down on the throttle valves. I managed to drive it home, but it ran very rough, and cut out at stops. I'm thinking it could be because of debris in the needle and seat, but since the fuel is contained in the actual casting and the carburetor doesn't have fuel bowls, or floats (I think), I'm not sure what could be plugged, or how I would go about checking for clogs. If anyone has any information on the diagnosis, or repair on this specific model it would be appreciated.


posted by  EN_Peters

Hey You should INtroduce your self befor you post

But what i would do it clean the carb really really good and clean everything try everything you could think of to get it clean

posted by  Nova

How sure are you that it was rebuilt? Sounds like it needs a rebuild. They may have put a wrong gasket in or put one in backwards. If you can't afford a new carb (God knows I can't) you may want to rebuilt it again. I just did mine a month or so ago and it wasn't that difficult. First one I've ever done.
Good luck.

posted by  my67falcon

A choke is either open or closed. What is "in"?

The orginal type carburators used in the 327 in '68 Camaros did have floats. I don't know if what you have in there now is a rebuild of the orginal type? Anyway it does indeed sound like a floar adjustment.

posted by  DodgeRida67

I've found a bunch of new info on the carb. Most of it was from taking apart my old identical carburetor. It does have a single float running along the center of the fuel bowl (which is practically in the center of the carburetor). I agree that something must be wrong with the float b/c the more I learn the more signs point to it. Tomorrow I'll be removing the air horn (because I have to in order to gain access), and taking a peak. If the float is sunk or needs to be replaced I can swap parts from the old one. I had the choke all the way open when it ran smoothly (where as with the old carb when the choke was open all the way the engine sputtered out). The original carb was a Rochester, but I don't have it. I'll update on how it went tomorrow. Thanks for all your tips, and help.

posted by  EN_Peters

The last car with a carb I had was an AMC Concorde (1978) with a Carter BBD 2BBL. This was over 20 yrs ago and I haven't fooled with a car with a carb since. If my memory is right, the float is either out of adjustment or has a hole in it if the throttle plate is functioning properly - Sounds like you are on the right path to dismantle it and see. May want to consider a rebuild if you have it off of the car anyway

posted by  tbaxleyjr

When I said choke was all the way in, I was thinking about the nob in the cab under the steering wheel, where when you push it all the way in, the choke is all the way open. Sorry about the confusion. :screwy:

posted by  EN_Peters

Oh, ok. Gotcha. :thumbs:

posted by  DodgeRida67

Does anyone know where I would be able to find gaskets for Holley carburetors without having to buy a whole Carburetor rebuilding kit? I've asked at auto-zone already, and they said they mostly just sell the gaskets for mounting the carb on the manifold. Am I going to have to special order one? Before I do anything I'd like to have the fresh gaskets.

posted by  EN_Peters

Try carbkits.com :2cents:

posted by  lectroid

I've found the problem. When opening the fuel bowl the float must have gotten ajar during shipping. It was out of its grooves making it inoperable (obviously), so you guys were right :thumbs: . Thanks a lot, it's great to have a forum like this with such easy access to good info. Thanks again. :clap:

posted by  EN_Peters

Glad you posted the results. If you need anything else, let us know. :mrgreen:

posted by  DodgeRida67

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