2002 neon will not start.

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Mornin' All,
Hoping someone can point me in the right direction here.

- 2002 Chrysler Neon, 70K
- car came to me with an aftermarket stereo, went to change to a different aftermarket stereo
- found that previous owner, in his infinite wisdom, cut the stock wiring harness, and hardwired everything
- had some difficulty getting new stereo to power on; ended up blowing/replacing the radio fuse. in trying to get it working, started/stopped engine multiple times.
- got stereo working, went to start car, went through 3 start/stall cycles, and now car refuses to start.

when trying to start:
- Battery light comes in immediately
- no clicking from the starter motor

checked battery, it's putting out 12.3 volts, as it should.
I have all headlights, interior lights, dash, etc. working as it should.
also, car will not jump-start.

Personally I'm afraid I messed up either some ignition parts or the starter relay by starting/stopping the engine multiple times...but, obviously, what the hell do I know. :laughing:

What do you guys think I did to eff up my car?
Thanks in advance,

posted by  knapps

Then first step would be to check your fuse box for other blown fuses (i.e. ecm fuse, etc.) - Also look through the wiring harness and the car's relay box for fusible links or other similar devices which may be blown.

posted by  tbaxleyjr

do the idiot lights go out when the key is turned from "run" to "start"?

posted by  dodger65

Fuses are the most likely culprit, especially if you blew a couple when installing the stereo...guess the previous owner isn't the only hack installer...

posted by  dodgerforlife

Ok, so let me understand here.......after all this was all said and done, you went through the three start/stall cycles SUCCESSFULLY. The starter engaged when the key was turned and the engine fired just fine three times. Then you went to crank on the 4th and now the start MOTOR will not engage....OK......

I would agree with tbaxleyjr, you need to check all fuses because probably while you were holding the key to fire the engine the three times before-hand, you were slowly melting a fuse or blowing a relay somewhere, and then on the 4th crank sequence, you popped it. You might have a short somewhere causing too high of an amp draw (high ampacity) in a circuit. Bottom line, if it cranked fine for three times and NOTHING was changed by you between the 3rd and 4th try, then odds are it is totally electrical and you fried something. Particularly knowing that there was some major compromise to the vehicles wiring harness, even if just for the radio. Most likely the ECM fuse is not going to cause this, if that were blown 9/10 times from what I've seen, you'd crank and not fire. No cranking, you need to check all electrical components in the starting circuit. Fuses, relays and breakers....etc. Also, failing that, you might jump the starter and see if you get a working motor.

Another possibility since we're talking about the radio...is that you damaged your ignition key switch circuit. All main power for the car and all of the accessories runs through that switch and if some idiot has gone in and done god-knows-what, you might have created a short that fried the ignition switch. Don't rule that out till you test all fuses and then check the key switch!

Good luck and let us know!

posted by  cmeseadoin

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