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I am having a major problem with my 2002 Chevy Blazer. This is the 4th time in a little over a year that the car would not start. If the car sits around for a few hours it will all of a sudden start again. I have brought it into the dealer each time and they have not found anything wrong.

From what I have heard, the security system in the Blazer has a anti theft system that will cut the gas going to the engine if somebody trys to break into the vehicle. I don't know why it would cut off just by going into the car normally either opening the doors via the remote or the key. This has left me stranded 4 times and if anybody has had this happen or knows of why and a fix I would appreciate it.

The dealer has not found a problem. If anybody can direct me to how they can find the problem please do.

posted by  frankiez77

is your security system factory or is it aftermarket?

posted by  Ripplefxx

Hey frankiez77 Im having the same exact prob. with my blazer. Its a 2002 blazer extreme. I too have been left stranded, 3 times. Every time i take it to the dealer and they say its fine. I am currently stuck in iraq so I havent had problems with it lately, but i was wondering if you found out how to fix it or anything.

posted by  JDU&HIS2002

Ok...I don't have a Blazer, I have a Malibu...1998. However I am having the same problem...seems Chevy problem all around. My car locks me out for 10 minutes or so until it resets the fuel injection. I have seen 2 mechanics now and they have told me to take it to Chevy because they can't figure it out. I am stumped now that you two with Blazers are saying the same stuff. I know this morning I got locked out twice in a row because I tried to start it too close to when the security system light shut off. So I sat for another 10 minutes making me late for work. Good think I left early this morning or I would still be sitting there. I know I DON'T have the original key, and someone said that that could be a problem, I have one of the remakes from a key place. I bought this car second hand, so I don't have the key, but while I am not an expert this seems to be a Chevy problem key or not. If anyone finds out anything...give me a holler. cadinatale@yahoo.com or carold@patrician.com. Thanks. :banghead:

posted by  carold

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