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Let me start by saying i can bearly change oil myself, but learning fast,

ok out of no where my car starts to shake bad when i am at red lights, stop signs, then stalls, sputters, a friend said there is a good chance it is the Fuel Filter. And that if it is inline I can do it my self easy,(make sure i wear goggles)

So does any one here have any knowledge of 92 ford mustangs , and if the fuel filter is inline, or will I have to take it to a shop and be overpriced?

Second I am looking to replace the hatchback(rusted out) I have been unable to find a website that sales them new or used) Thanks alot for any help You guys.gals can share! :cussing:

posted by  pleaseHELPme!

As I know it, inline fuel filters are the smal plastic ones that are found on older cars, as your Mustang has a fuel injected engine...It'll be a metal filter which are usually underneath the car...towards the rear. If you attempt it yourself, make sure you get the flow going the right way (both filters should have arrows on, just remember which way the arrow was pointing on the old filter)

posted by  Cliffy

There are two fuel filters. One is inside the tank, which is mostly to filter out water by repelling it, the second is inline. It is under your car near the passengers side door. I could be wrong on what side it is on though. It's been awhile...

Anyway I seriously doubt anything is wrong with the fuel filter in your tank. I've personally never had anything go wrong with them ever. Suspect the inline one under your car.

posted by  DodgeRida67

Thanks alot, hope you're right and its under there,

Lol i bought this car to learn, just did not think it would be this fast!

posted by  pleaseHELPme!

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