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I've seen my friend install this in his car and it sounds pretty cool. I suppose it's pretty much illegal as well but I'm really curious to know more about it. Do you guys know anything? Such as the latest technology, best prices, and does it really help?
It beeps when the police is near, I don't know what it senses...infrared or ?? And true enough a patrolling police appeared later on. Wonder if this works for speed traps as well?

posted by  Immortal25

There's several things. Radar detectors are the most common--they pick up signals from police radars.

They are legal in some places.

In Malaysia they are illegal and if you are caught with one, they fine you heavily--probably enough so that any speeding tickets you missed would be paid off. The cops might be able to detect it in your car, but there are ways around that.

For the speed cameras, some companies make special GPS devices that have all of the speed camera locations uploaded and it warns you when you're near one. As far as I'm aware, that's completely legal--it looks like a GPS too, so you wouldn't have to hide it.

So basically, radar is good but don't get caught with it, and the GPS device is safe but only for speed cameras.

posted by  chris_knows

many devices are out there to detect laser and the several bands of radar which are out there. Like Chris said, some GPS systems will pick out speed cameras as points of interest but I don't know if these devices can pick out mobile units or not.

Be careful - radar and LIDAR detectors are illegal in Virginia, DC, and US military bases in all vehicles, Illegal in commercial vehicles in Illinois and New York and due to the method of mounting of these devices, can be confiscated in NewYork and California.

These detectors are illegal on all but three provinces in Canada

Radar jammers are illegal in all US states by order of the FCC

The best thing to do is drive safely and not depend on the detector to keep you from summons and a court date for speeding.

posted by  tbaxleyjr

I seem to recall hearing about a detector that picks up the signal from whatever band cops use on their radios and beeps when it picks up a signal. How it distinguishes a cop's walkie talkie from other signals I don't know.

Radar detectors are legal in most states, but it seems the way things are going soon you'll want LIDAR detection as well. Cheapos can be had for $50, if you're gonna get one though, I'd get a good ($300) one. Or just not speed.:mrgreen:

posted by  giant016

this ( scanner is set up to warn you of police activity within 3 miles. At 60 MPH you would have up to 3 minutes to slow down. At 120 MPH you would have a max of 1.5 minutes to get down to the limit, assuming there is activity on the radio, and assuming there are similar systems in Malaysia.

Edit: wait a minute, why is this in the R+M section?

posted by  dvdrose18

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