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OK, to start off, I got the car a bit over 4 years ago, it had a bit over 130,000 Miles on it, when I got it the trany slipped a bit in OverDrive, I added a can of TransTune and it stopped slipping in less then 10 miles and has never had a problem again till a few weeks ago.

About 2 weeks ago, give or take a bit, I was driving along at about 45 to 50 mph and the trany downshifted all the way to Low, if I gave it a bit more gas and then release the gas pedal a bit it shifts back up.

I got a now filter for it and replaced the filter, cleaned the pan (it had a bit of crud in it), oil color had a bit of a light brown tinge to it but still showing the red of trany fluid. I added another can of TransTune and 4 Qts of oil to bring it up to full, hot/idling/in park.

After the clean up/filter/oil change, it is runing a bit better but still not right. It is not shifting to Low at high speeds (40 to 70 mph), but it is staying in Low till 35 mph and then you have to let off the gas a bit to get it to shift, anytime you drop below 35 mph it downsifts to Low and I have to give it more gas till it is at 35 mph or faster and then let off the gas to get it to shift back up.

Car Details:
1991 Chev Caprice
350 fuel injected, not sure what trany.
4 door station wagon.
now has 212,500 plus miles on it.

If you need to know anything else just ask.

I can get a used trany from the junkyard for around $125.00 to $175.00, this is from a newer police car that has either been rolled, or crashed in some way, some of them have less then 10,000 miles on them.
Will it maybe be faster and easier to just get a used replacement?

Michael Grace

posted by  mgrace

I would suggest getting a Mechanic to take a look before you opt for a full replacment, it sounds like the fault could lie with the engine management system, for example, if the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) thinks that the engine is revving higher than it is, or if it thinks that the car is travelling at a faster speed or etc, the Transmission will, in tern, think the same and not opperate as it should. I'm not sure on the setup of your car so I cant be possitive that this is the problem, it just sounds as if that could be your problem :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Sounds like a band adjustment to me :2cents:

posted by  DodgeRida67

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