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Good day.

I will first state that I am not really a car guy, but more of a computer guy. And secondly I apologies for not announcing my presents in the "Introduce yourself" section, but since this will be my only tread I deem it a tad bit pointless for my self to do that.

Now on to the car stuff. I am attempting to install a cd/mp3 deck that is designed to be inserted in to a 53mm by 182mm opening in a Toyota Tercel (1987). However as I am sure may of you already know the radio/cigarette igniter/cup holder dash section only is a solid piece of plastic with no openings the appropriate size; not even where the old radio/tape deck sits, because of the plastic around the two knobs.

What I need to know is, first of all, do you need any more information to help me? If so what?
Is there any way that I can put a deck of that size in a car of this design? If so what is the cheapest way to do this?

Any information or help you could give would be greatly welcome.

Thank you all for you time.

posted by  Nerho

Well..thank you for being to the point as far as this being your only thread is concerned lol..but I must warn you that most people wont be as egar to help you out unless you introduce yourself first...bear in mind that although they dont state it, most people who come here asking for help only write the one thread :thumbs:

Click here ( please :thumbs: ...if you want help

posted by  Cliffy

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