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My car is undergoing these weird behaviours:

When I first start the car, the RPM level is about 1400. After a while of idling, it will shoot up to 2000 and then, it will take its time to drop (very slowly) to about 1300. At short intervals, it will hit back at 2000 and the cycle repeats. All these happen without me stepping on the accelerator or engage any gears. >> Is this normal?

While driving and say for e.g. approaching the lights, I will engage neutral and apply my brakes. The RPM will drop (from where it was before I lift off the accelerator) to about 1300 and then, it will hit back at 2000, drop to 1300 and hit back again at 2000....swinging up and down....till I get the car to a complete halt. After a short while, the swinging continues....until I engage gear and move on. Yes, it happens when I have to stop the car again. Each time the RPM hits 2000, the engine gave a loud/funny stressful noise....and it is drinking up petrol...
>> What is the problem?

My car is a manual Suzuki Swift (1.0L) working on just 3 spark plugs...

Hope that someone can help me by providing me advise what/how can I go about easing the problem.


posted by  pjlee25

Sounds like a vacuum leak :2cents:

posted by  DodgeRida67

take some carb cleaner and spray around the intake manifold gaskets, the throttle body gaskets and fuel injector o-rings and see if the idle speed changes. If it does, you found the leak.

If this does not find the problem, get the trouble codes pulled

posted by  tbaxleyjr

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