Car #3 - a 2.8L Firebird - 1988

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We're getting on great with installing a replacement tranny in this except that I need to replace the kickdown cable. releasing the top end of it it has to go through the fuel injection system where it seems to jam. Can't really see in there.

Anyone have experience with this and suggest how I extract the cable and insert a new one without dismantling and rebuilding the fuel injection system?

posted by  HighWayMan

Resolved by removing the top of the fuel injector looking inside this was the only way. Now another question (why I don't make him ask himself I don't know!) The car 2.8 V5 1988 had an electronic speedometer. The transmission he obtained has the drive for a mechanical speedometer. any suggestions as to the best approach?

posted by  HighWayMan

If there's the relevent socket for the electronic speedo to be plugged into, I say stick with that. If a mechanical speedo will fit so be it, If not, you may have to consider changing a few things around lol :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

I guess we'll make sure it runs first. 19 Year olds have to learn the hard way, they never listen to advice do they? I sure didn't. :laughing:

posted by  HighWayMan

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