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Hi... I'm new to the forum... i've just introduced my self in the "introduc yourself" section. Anyway... I want to replace my exhaust. The tailpipe, the muffler and the pipe on the other side of the muffler (not sure what its called) need to be replaced. The only car work I've done in the past is adding fluids, changing oil and changing tires. Basically right now I just need to figure out exactly how much of the exhaust I need to replace and what the parts are called and just some very general direction. Are there any good diagrams available of the exhaust system?

This is for a 93 Mercury Sable.

Thanks in advance.

PS... I'm getting the book for my car this afternoon.

posted by  shoe

Take the car to a muffler shop if it were mine

Once you decide which parts need replacing (are they bent or have holes in them), getting them off of the car is a pain in the butt since there is much corrosion and rust on exhaust system parts. Most muffler shops use a cutting torch for parts removal.

posted by  tbaxleyjr

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