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Hey all.... i had a flat today and had to put in my spare cross ply tyre in place of a radial on the front axle (all 4 are radials) on the left.. was just goin to buy another for the spare in a few days when i got this flat...
it was properly inflated n i never went above 60kmph with it, but i did notice it was going off to the left when i wud leave the steering wheel. after bout 25km , got the flat fixed and have got the radial on.

now my query is why is it important to never mix radials n cross ply on the same axle?? i see 'never do it' (i know its illegal too) everywhere but dont see what happens if u do... is it very dangerous and damaging if u do this?

and if yes then have i already done damage to my car in the 25km i drove with it? :doh:

posted by  StarryKnight

Well it's not good for it because the two sides of the axle are not the same. If the same size it's not as bad but a different rolling resistance can cause damage at high speeds or over time.
I doubt you've damaged anything by the way you describe the situation. I've seen people ride down the highway at 75mph on a donut, and people never replace the donut with an actual tire. It's not good for the car but it's unlikely you've hurt anything.

posted by  DBain

Well dbain, u've certainly explained the situation... the difference in rolling distance is the problem...thx... 75mph on a donut!! some people are just so :screwy:

posted by  StarryKnight

Different grip. Especially dangerous if you put radials on front and Xplys/bias belted on rear (regardless of rwd or fwd). If you mix on the same axle, the contact patch and grip is different and coupled with the inherent tread deformation of Xply, you'll likely find hard braking and cornering, especially on a wet surface, becomes rather interesting.

Can get away with radial on back and Xply/bias belted on front. Same with bias belted on rear and Xply on front.

Used to be you could temporarily mix so long as you didn't exceed 50mph; don't know if this is still current.


posted by  Wally

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