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So here's the specs
87 Tercell
1.5L 4cylinder
5 speed manual
4wd waggon
214,000 Miles

it's primaraly FWD, and when turning it makes a clicking sound... mostly when going slow. I've been told its the CV joints, and i've also been told it's the transaxles. The CV boot looks good, and i'm thinking about replacing the transaxles (either from the wrecking yard or rebuilt-online).

so my questions are
1. Is it most likely the CV joint, or Transaxles?
2. if i were to purchace a rebuilt set of transaxles, would it come with cv joints?
3. How hard would it be to replace these? i'm somewhat alright on basic car work.
4. If i do go to the junk yard, is thier a way to tell if thiers are bad before i purchace them?
5. what other parts might i need/want to replace while i'm replacing the transaxles?

some other related questions, when shifting, the car will shake if pretty bad (sometimes) if shifted too early. Since this is the first car i've drove stick with, i talked to other people about it and they all said it was not normal. i usualy have to get the RPM's up fairly high before i can shift smothly...

6. do you think this might be related to transaxles?

7. Gas mileage.. what does a normal tercell 4wd waggon get?

posted by  phychotron

Hello to you. The constant velosity joints or CV joints, as it often called, show signs of going bad when turning. They are a tripod shaped joint and usually one of the tripods gets in a bind and makes the noise (If they click going forward stop driving as they are about to break. I have seen them break, swing up slamming into the trans and crack the casing). The first sign of wear is a clicking when you turn. They take about an hour a side to change, so if you plan to get them from a junkyard, consider exchanging them at a parts store first. (They are remanufactured so they have a core charge and often junkyards want your old ones as they get money for cores too. Plus you never know what condition the used ones are in). It is better to replace them reman'd then buy them used in my opinion. If you are a first timer, or not familiar with changing them, it is better to replace the whole axle then to rebuild the CV. The boots may or may not tear before they start to go bad. The boots retain the grease used on the joints. When upshifting you should have the rpm's at normal interval for that gear. As for having to rev up the rpm's to shift smoothly; a good rule of thumb is to match the gear position to the rpm, first gear up until 2 g, then 2nd gear till 3 g, 3rd gear till 4 g and so on. While this does not apply to all cars it is a good rule of thumb for 4 cylinders and first timers. I may not have answered all your concerns but I hope this helps.

posted by  MsSnapon

most shops replace the axle - less labor costs

posted by  tbaxleyjr

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