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I need your help!!

I just bought a new Sonyy CDX-M630 head unit to go in my EDM Civic 1.6i VT. There is no one who installscar audio in my area, so I thought I would give it a go. Bad Idea.

I managed to remove the stock Panasonic Cassette player. Buy I dont know what to do next!! The Sony unit has far more wires that I need. The white thing that the wires from the car go into came out the back of the stock tape player but doesn't connect into the Sony white thing (don't know name so I will call white thing!)

Do I need to strip wires etc

Can anyone tell me where I can find a detaqiled guide??

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Go to your locel electronics store and get a "Wiring Harness" it will make it very easy to connect all the wires.

posted by  EnderinAK

yeh, the wiring harness kinda ,in a sense, converts the wires so it will fit, into the car

posted by  mazda6man

the wire harness helps a lot my brother has used one for all three of his cars, and he hooked it up fine

posted by  PodunkPunk

good call guy's with the wiring harness...and thats a sick deck.....

posted by  99hatch

you should also be sure that your car has a reverse harness in it...i ran into that problem with my civic. the previous owner compeletly messed up the wiring. If it doesnt have one, just go buy it and a regular harness. there will (or should be) directions for them. after that all u have to do is plug them together...if you have trouble, do a search on google or something, you'll usually find something online.

posted by  Tooyoung225

This Threads Over A Year Old!!!

posted by  mazda6man

my new to this thing

posted by  Tooyoung225

get a wiring harness, mounting kit, antenna adapter, and electrical fitiings or tape or whatever you want to use. just make sure the wires match up.

posted by  moparboy

Did you get it sorted i have the same problem? Do you have the code to unlock it when installing?

posted by  skippy85

I'd hope he got it sorted by now, since the original post was made three years ago.

posted by  Martian

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