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I own a 2 door '95 Manual Dodge Neon. Its getting up there in miles (approx. 140,000). Anyways, I have 3 small problems with the car, and couldnt find any solutions scouring the net.

1) The passenger side (inside plastic) door panel has come off the metal part of the door. Are there some kind of clips/bolts to reattach it?

2) The (factory installed) radio works sporadicially. Sometimes there is power to the radio part only, sometimes just the clock will be on, sometimes all speakers will work, but for the most part, I either have no power to the radio/deck or I do, and get sound to the passenger side door speaker. Is this just bad connections? Are they most likely on the radio/deck side? or both deck and speakers?

3) When accelerating to quickly, my engine will make a popping sound, and I will get a jerk in the acceleration. Or sometimes the acceleration is just slower then normal. My check engine light will flash and turn on for a while. When I brought the car in for a checkup, the mechanics said nothing was wrong... were they right? I dont think this should be a normal behaivor...

Any help would be appreciated.

posted by  AndrewJ

1. There are plastic push pins at the auto parts store that line the inside of the door panel, they push into the metal part of the door. They rotate into the cardboard backing and then push in, be sure to hinge the upper part by the window.
2. I am not a stereo kinda person, but it sounds like you might have a short in the wiring since both the stereo and/or the speaker are sporatic.
3. The check engine light has stored a memory code which you should be able to access. This will point you in the general direction to look. Most auto-zones or advance autos will scan it for free and you can work frm there.

posted by  MsSnapon

3. Autozone can scan it if Dodge was OBDII compliant in 1995. If they can't scan, come back and we can help you get trouble code.

posted by  tbaxleyjr

Ok, Ill get back to you when I get my car to Autozone...

posted by  AndrewJ

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