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Hello all,

I'm hoping that someone'll be able to help me here. A couple of lamps burned out on my heater control. This doesn't affect functionality, but I can't see the controls well at night. The lamps are soldered to the PC board. I've de-soldered them, and replaced them with 10 uA LEDs. Originally, I thought that the LEDs mayy be too weak and burn out, but they won't even power on! The circuits themselvess are fine, as I tested them with the working bulbs.

I guess I need the right bulbs or LEDs. I'd prefer LEDs but would settle for bulbs. The problem is, no one can tell me exactly which ones I need for my 1998 Chevy Malibu.

If anyone out there is familiar with this, please help. Thank you.

posted by  ile_london

I just went the the wreckers and pulled a different head unit (fan and temp dials), it was under $10 i think

posted by  cowman85

I am assuming you observed polarity and put the LEDs in the right way?

posted by  dvdrose18

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