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Ok im a bit pressed for cash. I am looking to DYI on these things but here are my issues.

Car: 1995 Toyota Camry Manual Transmission 282k orig miles with rebuilt engine.

1. Passenger door handle broke off. I have the repair part website i just have no clue how to do it.

2. Power steering seems to work but "whines". It goes away when i put in fluid but my car seems to eat up the fluid quick and then it begins to "whine" shortly after. So can i just replace a part?

3. The newest is my brake light stays on. I keep adding breaking fluid and somehow my car goes through it quickly. I filled it to the top of the "max" and the light goes off, then a few days later the light is back on and the fluid is below low. I already put in a whole small container of it.

4. My door doesnt completely close. Everytiume i drive my car has the "door ajar" light on even after i started driving and it wasnt on before. Not a biggie but would like to fix this.

Lastly, my car is leaking. It has been leaking. I cant seem to find where it is leaking from but someone said it looks like oil. I am thinking its the brake fluid but just wondering if you guys could help me. I am really pressed for cash and thanks for your help in advance.

posted by  Camry95

More than likely your power steering fluid and brake fluid both are leaking. Where? Could be a TON of different places. PS could be the rack, a hose/line, crack in the container, etc. Brakes could be anything from bad master cyl to a slightly cracked brake bleeder, to a snapped brake line.

I'm not the person to ask about body work stuff. The door handle and the door not shutting is more than likely connected.

posted by  Satty101

typically you access the door handle by:

Roll the glass all the way up
remove the interior door panel
unhook the rod from the inside of the handle
remove the bolts holding on the handle (usually 2)
and reverse the above steps to install the new handle.

The oil leak is most likely the PS fluid. The only real way to find the leak is to follow the trail. Pay attention to where the puddle is on the ground and follow it up. One trick is that the flow of fresh oil will leave a clean trail in the normal grease and grim that is on an engine.

If you need more info let us know. Also you may want to consider buying a Haynes manual, they are usually pretty good about giving step by step procedures.

posted by  corbett_auto

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