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Hell O everybody, here is the thing straigh to the point (need to solve it ASAP) I have a white Chevrolet Xtreme 1999..I recently brought the HID's Kit ..but here is the problem..only one of them turn on, they randomly work, eigther is just the left one or right one that turns on. Sometimes I turn the switch On & Off a few times and both work, but not always I'm that lucky:banghead: Next thing I'm thinking of is to place a relay..

I just wanna know GOOD suggestions, as many as posible to try & find the posible problem. The ones I have are Type: 9006 with 12000k bulbs..eventually the fog lights are going HID as well, but not before I solve everything.

Thanks for read!

posted by  Drummer

Did they ever work properly? Did you have to modify the wires in any way? Doesn't the truck already have a relay?

Try disconnecting the lights check for voltage with a meter. If you do not have proper voltage than you have a wiring, relay or switch issue.

Give us feed back of what you find and we can step you through the problems.

posted by  corbett_auto

Most likely a bad ballast, send them back, they should be under some kind of warranty.

posted by  newyorker

Problems would be :
firstly, please check if the grounding wire is well connected.
secondly, storage battery of your car is ageing or not?
thirdly, change the ballast, see if there any problem
lastly, install a relay

posted by  sakula04

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