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I'm working on a little geo thats been parked for awhile, its got the standard 1 liter transverse engine and is a 4 speed manual . While dragging this thing out of storage (gas prices....sheesh) and looking under the hood I noticed a vacuum line disconnected. Now there are three ports on the front of the carb
one is capped, one goes to the vapor canister (I think thats what it is) but for the life of me I cannot see where the third hose is disconnected from..
it isn't a broken hose as the end is clean but looking at its proximity of travel
(where the hose can reach) I can't see anywhere to connect it. Is there a hidden port out of eyesight?Any clues...?? :banghead:

posted by  geden

Look on the underside of the air cleaner. :2cents:

posted by  lectroid

Nope..not there....hehe..was looking down when I should have looked up..
theres a diagram decal stuck on the underside of the hood...the line went to the distributor...DOH!! :laughing:

posted by  geden

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