97 talon wont start only getting spark to 2 plugs..?

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so i took the motor out of my talon to put a new tranny on and i put it back in i plugged everything up and tried cranking it and it just cranks wont start... i have fuel and spark but im only getting spark at 2 plugs what would cause this??

posted by  tsi_girl

has the car got a manual distributor or an electronic distributor/coil pack, if its mechanical you could have knocked it and damaged the conections inside, if its an electronic distributor/coil pack a conection may have broke down during the removal/instalation of the engine, unlikely but anything helps when your in a muddle,
also are the HT leads connected correctly onto the distributor/coil pack,
you could test the HT leads by swaping them with the ones that work and see if you get spark then (locate where the whichterminal on the distributor/coil pack the working HT leads connect to and try connecting the ones that are not working onto there and see if u still get spark

posted by  shox1991

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