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I have an 84 Cutlass Supreme(as the title suggests), My car was sitting around not being used all winter, and i just recently got it back on the road. Now when i am between speeds of about 60-70kpm the engine sputters, or hesitates. It goes away if I speed up, or slow down.

Something that could be related is that i do have trouble sometimes starting my car. I have been told by a repair shop that i may have a choke problem(that it sticks), but i have no clue.

Any help would be appreciated as i do not know too much about cars(obviously, or i wouldn't be asking).


posted by  Craigt

The could be your problem could be the choke, but I suspect it is the carb in general that needs to be adjusted or rebuilt or a few vacuum leaks. The best thing to do is slowly repair the problems you know are wrong, then move to the next likely causes and continue on this path until the problem is solved.

So you know the choke sticks, so get it fixed and insure that there are no vacuum leaks. Then move to the next likely causes, have the engine tuned-up. Start with getting the timing set and proper adjustment to the carb. Then maybe change the plugs, wires, cap and rotor. If you continue to have the problem you made need to go deeper into the carb: rebuild or replace.

I guess the main question to ask... is this a problem you would like to tackle yourself? or are you just wanting to walk into the repair shop informed so that you do not walk out paying for alot of work that you did not need?

posted by  corbett_auto

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