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Ok, as I said in my introduction, I know nothing about cars. I was wondering. Is there something like a governor or rev limiter on an 02 Regal? When in park or neutral if I rev the engine up to about 4000 it starts sputtering and sounding as if it is missing. I know I probably should sit in park and rev it that high and usually I wouldn't. I had some work done on the cat and they replaced the converter. The car sounder a little louder and I happen to rev it some to hear a little better and notice it sounded as if it would die at 4000. The car seems to run like a champ driving and all. I am just wondering I guess is this something I should have checked or is it supposed to do this? You know to prevent a dummy like me saying "Wow look how much louder my pipes are! Boom!" (Blown engine lol) :screwy:

posted by  shepfromva

You probbably have a rev limiter in neutral gear...no idea why a buick would have this but many cars wont let you rev past a certain point in neutral, only under load can you go to full RPM. Does your car drive normally under load and go all the way to redline?

posted by  newyorker

Yes it runs absolutely fine when in drive. I just noticed it when listening to the pipes. So, what you think is it's something the manufacture did to keep dummies like me from blowing their engines then?

posted by  shepfromva

Many newer cars have them, probably so you can't floor it by accident.

posted by  dvdrose18

Yea it's fine...I wish I had that system, I can redline my car with the clutch in which causes a TON of wheelspin/smoke/wheelhop

posted by  newyorker

Which is usually fun. :orglaugh:

posted by  Satty101

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