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I just bought a 99 dodge durango. Test drove it. Everything looked good. On the way home the oil presure gauge was working on and off everytime I excelerated the gauge would work after I started to cruise it would stop. After the 30 min. ride home it stopped working all together and now I'm hearing a knock. Do you think it is just the oil sensor or is it the oil pump or something else?
Mr Clean

Now that I gave it time to rest. The oil preasure gauge goes back to working only when I quickly press and release the gas pedal. When the oil presure gauge is working the knock goes away.
What do you think? oil sensor presure sensor (if it has one) or oil pump? or something else?

posted by  MrClean

Sounds like the gauge is working fine. It is telling you how much oil pressure you have. When you rev the engine, you have pressure, when you don't, you have none.

It could be the oil pump, but it is just as likely that it has bad bearing(s) and will need a rebuild. Something you could try is to run some cleaner through the engine (Something like SeaFoam). read the direction, but basically you pour it in the engine, let the engine run for 1/2 hour, drain the oil, change the filter and add fresh oil. This may clean things up and help the lube issue, if not you may need a rebuild.

Did it come with a warranty? If not you still may want to try and talk to the place you got it from to see if they will help with the cost of repairs.

posted by  corbett_auto

Took the durango back to the dealer. they are putting in a new engine "no charge"

Yea I did the what you said. Ran a cleaner though it change the oil. Still same problem. I did a search on the 99 Durango and hundreds off people are having or had the same problem. With the same results "had to put in a new engine"

Wish I would of done my research before hand.:doh:

posted by  MrClean

glad to hear hear it all worked out. :clap:

posted by  corbett_auto

i had a 98 durango and had the same problem its definitly not the gauge you are loosing pressure so do something about . I never fixed mine i got rid of it as soon as it started also went through 6 trannys

posted by  lennyb06776

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