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This is not my vehicle; it is my friend's. Her CD player is jammed (as in, when she puches the eject button, nothing pops out), and I said I would see what I could do to fix it. I got the player out of the casing and unhooked, but I don't want to crack open the actual player until I have some idea of what is inside. Does anyone know where I could find a diagram of this player, or have any tips on proceeding?

posted by  Lot49

Ford does not make their own CD player, if you take the entire assembly out of the dash there will be a sticker on top which has the designated manufacturer on it. There will also be two sets of numbers, one is the serial number and model number. Also, if there is a security on this unit, the five digit or six digit number needed in the future to unlock it will be there. If it is a locking security unit, it is a good idea to copy this number down for future reference when you have to call Ford to the lock code (if it is ever lost). Short of that I never delve into those. I cant help you there.

posted by  MsSnapon

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