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I'm asking this question for my husband. He's trying to locate the crank sensor on a 91 Sunbird GT. He found a diagram online that shows the position but when he can't locate it. Another site said to follow some wires from "point a" which will lead to it but he's been unable to do that. Any site that indicates where to find it has not helped and he's exhausted his online search efforts. He's trying to avoid a tow to a garage, plus other expenses for something that indicates the replacement of a $30 part. He knows his way around under the hood of a car but this one has him stumped.

Can anyone provide an easy explanation as to it's location and/or why it's so elusive?


posted by  beansgood

The location of the crank sensor was found (although it's near impossible to see) and a broken wire was discovered. My husband went to a wrecker's and got a replacement part but is perplexed why there's a loose wire at one end. (I'm uncertain if I'm using the correct terms). I'll try to clarify....

At the ignition module, there's 3-prong terminal and at the crank sensor there's a 2-prong terminal. The connector between the two was found to have a broken wire at the end that plugs into the crank sensor's 2-prong terminal. At that end, there's a third loose silver wire (unlike the connector removed from car). There doesn't appear to be any means of connecting that wire to anything. What is it there for, what's it's function (ground wire?) and what does it connect to?

Online searches are not finding any answers. Maybe someone here has some knowledge of this.

posted by  beansgood

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