New Problem with 94 Prelude Overheating. No one'sbeen able to solve.

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I have a 94 prelude that i had the engine replaced in back in November. Everything was running fine, but the car would go past the middle point for temp when the car would sit for a while, but then it would go back to the middle point on its own.

Well, last saturday i was on a gravel rd and i peeled out and gravel kicked up and about 5-10 minutes later, i notice the temp gauge was all the way hot. I have changed the thermostat, blead the line, and refilled the coolant and the car gets hot is only about 1 minute. It literally goes from off and cool to all the way hot in about 60-90 seconds. Also, although the temp gauge is all the way hot, the radiator cap, plastic resovoir, no hoses, or the engine is hot. I take the radiator cap off and the coolant is not hot at all.

what is my issue. Please help?

posted by  barrnunn

Sounds like you have a hose that is clogged or a bad water pump. Obviously the water is not circulating from the radiator to the engine. Also check the fan belt. And finally are you sure the thermostat is not in upside down?

posted by  corbett_auto

i put the therm in just how the other came out, so i guess its not bad. I guess it could be the water pump but how can i check to confirm.

posted by  barrnunn

If you had cooling problems before you replaced it it could have been in wrong before too. Not sure a real good way to tell you how to check if the water pump is working..... There are a few ways, but you need to be real careful. BUT, if the thermostat is in upside down the water will not circulate well anyway.

To see if the pump is pumping follow these steps:

Remove the radiator cap
crank engine
after the engine warms up and the thermostat opens
you should be able to see the water circulating by looking in the radiator.

Is the belt turning the pump?

posted by  corbett_auto

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