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hi i have a 98' ford ka. just started having a problem a couple of days ago. when im driving down the road if i take my foot off the accelerator or even just press it a little softer for a few secs, when i push the the throttle back down to accelerate the engine makes a really loud revving noise for a few secs then goes back to normal. only really notice it when im above 40 -50. makes a noise as if i was to push the clutch down while im still accelerating. my foot is no where near the clutch though. Any advice would be great, i dont know much about cars and dont want to get fleeced when i take it into the garage :banghead:

posted by  kevy85

Sounds like the clutch is going out. It might can be adjusted out to give you a little more time.

posted by  corbett_auto

I agree with Corbet. It sounds like the clutch is maybe reaching the end of its life. Do the revs seem to climb but there's no real response in accelaration? I know the Ka's no rocket ship, especially at 40-50mph in a high gear, but you should notice it. Try taking it up a slight hill and puting it in fifth gear, at say, 40-mph, with a few thousand revs. The revs should drop reletively quickly, and depending on how fast you're going, the engine will most probably struggle to pull the car with the gear you're in. Just out of curiosity, how many miles are on the clock?

posted by  Cliffy

there is no real response in acceleration while the engine is making the loud reving noise but this only lasts 3-4 secs then the noise dies and i feel a response. it's done 95,000 miles

posted by  kevy85

I'd say clutch is at the end of it's life. Probably about time to start saving for a new one.

OT: The Ford Ka is like Ford's edition of the Geo Metro right?

posted by  Satty101 :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

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